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I have just moved company and they have an old bespoke system that does not talk to market places. Having used Linnworks before I suggested it, now the problem i have is they have over 1400 lines and non of it has weights and measures. Without having to add this to all the products is there a work around so Linnworks will spit out the correct postage labels?

Do the items vary a lot in weight? You could just run a script and set them all to an average to begin with

Hello Paul,


This is Ethan from HyperCommerce. Some carriers (Royal Mail) will allow you to specify a Default Weight. 

You can find this option in Shipping > Integrations > Vendor Services.

You can then click on Edit Options > Weight > Default Weight.

This will let you print shipping labels from the above service without having to specify weight in each order.

For other shipping couriers, this can be done using a script or macro.

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