Can linnworks use the weight from magento 2?

We currently use magento 2 and was wondering does linnworks use the weight already used in Magento or would we have to enter all that data again into linnworks through csv or manually?

I have attached a screenshot of an order from magento into linnworks but the weight shows 0?

Currently, we have to enter the weight manually but we would like to use the weight from magento so that we can set it to automatically assign to the correct service using the Rules Engine.

Many Thanks


Hello Gary,

Thank you for reaching us!

In order to assign weight to orders, Magento listings should be linked to Linnworks stock items. I had a look at the channel integration for Magento channel, and it seems only one listing is linked to a Linnworks SKU so that would explain why orders are showing weight 0.

You can create your inventory in Linnworks via Inventory Import, which will allow you to assign items weight: And then you can link your Magento listings tho Linnworks SKUs: That way, once the orders are downloaded from Magento, the weight will be generated automatically.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Have a nice day ahead!

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Hi There

Thanks for your help we will be looking to signing up to pro linnworks soon.

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