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Hi, Our systems are constantly developing and the need to have multiple applications communicate is ever more important. The api in linnworks is great for getting and setting information, but only as long as linnworks is not the initiator. However, linnworks for us is a core part of our system and it would be really useful if activities in here could be reflected out to other systems. Adding webhooks to pages/activities would seem a good approach letting people choose what information they send out to other systems. Information flow needs to be two way, and ideally real time. Paul

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Hello Paul,

Can you please provide me with data that you would like to see webhooked to you.

Kind regards,


Hi Nik, Off the top of my head create, update, delete for orders, purchase order, inventory (items). Possibly also shipping methods (not really thought about that one) Is this something you have done before? Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

You want a webhook every time order created?

- Direct order only or order from any source?

- If customer will import 10000 open orders, you want system to send 10000 webhooks?

Update webhook - every time any update to order happens you want system to send a webhook, right?

Webhook on order delete should not be a problem.

Purchase order - please elaborate.

Inventory items - please elaborate.

Kind regards,


Hi Nik, For orders, the webhook should only fire if an order is direct (for our uses), although I'm guessing letting users choose what order sources they want to hook would be the way to do it. For purchase orders, contents of the purchase order, supplier, costs etc should be hooked when created. These would be updated also, changing delivery dates, partial deliveries, etc. Inventory items would be fairly simple. Generally linnworks is not our inventory source, but occasionally we do add adhoc products. These should be sent out when created. One final thought, we already have a level of automation and that will only increase over time. Some of this is in linnworks itself so the hooks would need to be on the underlying objects, not the ui. For instance, the majority of our purchase orders are generated automatically and we do not actually see them until we update them with the suppliers order no and expected delivery date. Paul

Hello Paul,

We currently brainstorming architectural improvements that will be required for webhooks. My personal expectation will be to release few really basic hooks by the end of Q4.

Kind regards,

Nikita Barford

Did anything ever come of this?


Has anything further progressed with this? We're looking for a webhook to be triggered when a stock level is updated.

If not, could you let me know if this is webhooks are something that are being considered?


Seems like no... would be interested in this feature as well.

Hi all, we may be looking into webhooks again in the future but for now we have created a few macros on the bespoke basis for some customers and they proved to be working fine. If you  need a macro that will replicate a webhook behaviour, please contact Linnworks Scripting team to discuss it.


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