MPN (manufacturer part number) as a view option

Hello developers

We have just moved across from Volo to Linnworks and wondered if there is a way you could introduce the option of having the MPN SKU visible on the inventory default screen.  We place most of our orders with our suppliers over the phone and without having it visible it makes things very difficult

Thank you 

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Hi Katherine,

welcome to Linnworks, hope you have found the platform change overall as a positive experience. After being with one platform for a number of years it can be hard to see why things have been implemented in a different way.

With regards to displaying additional properties such as MPN or Supplier SKU directly within the My Inventory grid, I will raise the suggestion for when the interface is next revisited however please be aware it is not a page that is currently being reviewed for major updates

In the meantime, it might be worth a brief explanation of the Purchase Order functionality within the system along with some upcoming changes that are related to it.

The stages involved are as follows

  1. Populate the suppliers' register - the list of suppliers' that you purchase new inventory from
  2. Populate the item specific data for the products - Supplier SKU code, price, etc
  3. Use the Purchase Order functionality to raise PO's

By setting up your system with the supplier data you will be able to generate a new Purchase Order for products directly from within Linnworks and therefore have a record of what is due, preventing the risk of making unrequired purchase orders. Currently, the raising of a new Purchase Order is made from Inventory > Purchase Orders by selecting a supplier and searching for the Linnworks SKU. The supplier SKU code will be retrieved from the Linnworks inventory item and can be included on the paperwork that is produced.

We are currently working on including emailing of Purchase Orders to suppliers along with raising Purchase Orders for out of stock items from Open Orders, both of which may be very beneficial to you.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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