Composite product parent view - show child sku stock levels


When viewing product details for a composite product, if you go to the tab called "composition" where it shows all the child SKU's that make up that composite product, it currently shows a column for the quantity but it doesn't show the current stock level of that child SKU. 

Use case:

If you have a number of child SKU's that make up a composite product and then one of those child SKU's go out of stock, it will then correctly make that composite product out of stock too. It then becomes a very time-consuming job to search through each of the child SKU's to find which is causing the parent to go out of stock.

Proposed Solution:

On a composite product 'product details' view, when you go to the 'composition' tab, please can you add a column after 'Quantity' called 'Stock Available'. This new column would show the current stock availability for that child SKU, thereby allowing a user to very quickly see which child SKU's are getting low or are currently causing 'out of stock'.

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Any news on this Linnworks?

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I think the only complication could be which location the stock level is drawn from, initially, it could just be "all locations" but it should probably have a dropdown with locations listed as per the "Inventory" tab. 

This would also be a good use of recycling existing code/functionality, keeping build time and cost down!


Yes agree - if a customer orders an item (and for certain reasons it then goes to Insufficient Stock) you can click and see exactly what item is causing the problem.  You can't though do that in the Inventory section and as mentioned above it's a lot of work to find out which product is causing the problem.  You have the solution available to you when it's ordered, can we use the same function in the Inventoy?

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