Composite product parent view - show child sku stock levels


When viewing product details for a composite product, if you go to the tab called "composition" where it shows all the child SKU's that make up that composite product, it currently shows a column for the quantity but it doesn't show the current stock level of that child SKU. 

Use case:

If you have a number of child SKU's that make up a composite product and then one of those child SKU's go out of stock, it will then correctly make that composite product out of stock too. It then becomes a very time-consuming job to search through each of the child SKU's to find which is causing the parent to go out of stock.

Proposed Solution:

On a composite product 'product details' view, when you go to the 'composition' tab, please can you add a column after 'Quantity' called 'Stock Available'. This new column would show the current stock availability for that child SKU, thereby allowing a user to very quickly see which child SKU's are getting low or are currently causing 'out of stock'.

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Any news on this Linnworks?

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I think the only complication could be which location the stock level is drawn from, initially, it could just be "all locations" but it should probably have a dropdown with locations listed as per the "Inventory" tab. 

This would also be a good use of recycling existing code/functionality, keeping build time and cost down!


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