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Please look into the despatch by field. It currently only works for Amazon and defaults to 24 hours for every other channel, and zero for orders input directly.

We would like to be able to edit this field for other channels by being able to set a default, or even better, apply a date via the rules engine. Failing that, we would request that this field be hidden from all orders that are not Amazon channel, as the date means nothing in these cases as its not assigned by the channel but made up based on the default. This causes our warehouse staff confusion when prioritising orders.

Additionally, we would find it useful if Despatch By Date was available in the template designer for Invoices and Picking lists. 



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This is a definite. I cannot believe this is not already on the system.

Dispatch need to be able to be added or edited. Having to bulk import to do so is crazy.

We are beginning to experience big problems in the warehouse with dispatch dates which if continues makes LW unusable going forward very quickly.

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 I agree--- I also don't understand why the drop-down choices are different in IMPORT and TEMPLATES. Designing what we NEED instead of what you want us to have are totally different things.

Asked the question and was told ' isn't'

..very helpful!

Yep, this causes endless confusion when picking and prioritising orders. The whole point of Linnworks is to have everything in one place, rather than having to check each marketplace individually to see what we may or may not need to dispatch!

Surely this information is available as a field on the get orders api response for each marketplace? This should be as trivial as retrieving the order date, which obviously works fine. Why have this field at all  if it's made up by whoever built the integration!?

Failing an actual solution, it should be possible to set a default dispatch by date (after a set number of hours / at a set time x days after order) in the channel integration settings and overwrite if need be on a per-item basis in the inventory.

For more issues with the fact Dispatch By date is not properly implemented see this request:

Still nothing on this? At the moment I have an external script run to set despatch by dates for all orders in my Shopify Channels. Still poses a problem on urgent resends and it's a real pain to have to set this via API or import.

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