Print Stock Item Labels from Purchase Order

Print all or selected stock item labels on Purchase order. We currently have to manually type in sku or title in the inventory one at a time to print stock item labels and when there is 50 plus items on a purchase order  it can take someone hours to print out labels for a task that should take minutes.



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Thank you for your suggestion.

At the moment a similar feature  is already present within Stock In screen in you can print a Stock Item Label for the item which is being stocked in.

Please refer to this for  more information:

If this does not suit your needs please let us know.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

How does that help you need to scan the label to print the label ? and its still individual ? 

doesn't help in fact makes it a longer process unless I am not understanding.

I want to print all the labels from the stock items on a purchase order in one go, very simple




Any update on this?


Is there a update on this?

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