Royal Mail Click & Drop


Royal mail replacing DMO and International post with Click & Drop and it is already released to start use but it will necessary to use it by Jan 2019 for all international post to provide full information of inside item for custom purpose.

The software will do what DMO does and lot more so any idea when Linnwork will get this integration in place ?

Thakn you


Linnworks passes the data over to Royal Mail via a different route to DMO so this will not affect the operation of the Linnworks integration.

so it means we can sign up for drop and click and use same credential to integrate with option DMO in Linnworks ?

there is no integration option for Click and collect and not got what you saying 

Hi, has click and drop been set up for Linnworks Integration? 

I don't want to set up an OBA account with Royal Mail at the moment so would appreciate finding out how to integrate Click & Drop

has this been integrated?

Please can we have an update on this?

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