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 Is there a way to fillter ordered between the two levels of Seller fulfilled Prime service availiable to customers when they come into linnworks?

1) Prime Standard delivery  (delivery service 2-3day)

2) Prime 1 day delivery Premium shipping (1 day)

Then can a rules engine be ran to assign the correct shipping method?

any help is appreciated

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Prime non-premium orders come with shipping tag 'Std UK Dom_2'  ( can be found in order XML ) and prime premium orders come with tag 'UK Next' - these tags can be mapped to appropriate Linnworks services in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel shipping.

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Not sure this is correct, I have premium shipping = UK Next Day, and I have SFP = Prime UK Next Day. One I have to assign to shipping service using RM Integration and the other I have to assign to a shipping service via  Amazon - Buy Shipping...

Or have I set this up wrong...

Hello Sam,

This is Ethan from HyperCommerce ( I have set up the below rule for a client (Complexity Level: Medium). 


I'm guessing your workflow is relatively simpler. In your case, I'd suggest that you utilise the 'Order Tag equals Tag 6' for your condition to exclusively capture Prime Orders. 

You can also filter orders within an order view with the Identifiers Filter or as mentioned above - Tag is Tag 6


If you need custom solutions such as Rules Engine set-up, Advanced SQL Queries, Custom Reports, API Solutions or Integrations, please feel free to reach me at

Hi Ethan,

Can you please tell me what condition did you use to differentiate between next day and standard prime order?

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Hello Narendra,

The rules engine is a powerful, yet often underestimated automation tool that is not very efficiently used in most cases. You've probably set up rules engine traditionally just like other users have. In fact, even Linnworks recommends that you set up rules engine in the below manner:

1. Map Channel tag to Linnworks Postal Service (usually the shipping courier)

2. Shipping service is assigned directly to an order with a channel tag that matches your postal service within shipping mapping.

Unfortunately, there are lot of limitations when Shipping Mapping is set up as above. Imagine, if you change your couriers, or if you have a different product added to your courier and bulk changes need to be made. What if you get different services based on the max weight or dimensions (packet services). This usually results in the corruption and / or unnecessary complexity being added to the engine.

At HyperCommerce we set up rules engine differently offering our clients the maximum control over their orders and shipping.

You're probably aware of the below screen which lets you map your postal services to a particular channel. 

However, as you can notice, our client does not map postal services directly to the channel. Instead, our client relies on 'Internal Services' to dynamically map to Channel Shipping Services. Because of this, they are able to extend their rules engine in a way that would not be possible / would be complicated to manage. 


Using this, a group of channel services can be simplified into 4 - 5 internal services and then rules engine can be built upon this. 

If you need custom solutions such as Rules Engine set-up, Advanced SQL Queries, Custom Reports, API Solutions or Integrations, please feel free to reach me at

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