Anybody else have a flashing mouse pointer arrow when Linnworks Destop running after the last two updates?

 As above, anyone else experiencing mouse flashing issues when running the latest updated Linnowrks desktop, like it is constantly processing something? This is on two machines (Win 7 Proff) and does not go away with a reboot.



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Yes, I am have exactly same issue on two Windows 7 machines. Seems OK on Windows 10.


Thanks Gary, Linnworks can't reproduce it but asked me to check task manager load. One obvious observation is that both CPU and memory shoot up to around 98% when Linnworks is on, and then drops when off.


Hi Andy, yes I noticed that in task manager. Are Linnworks trying to reproduce in Windows 7?


They can't reproduce it :(



I would like to let you know that the issue has been already reported to our developers and they are working on the fix.

Issue is marked with highest level of priority.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused,


Technical Support

Yes me to it's driving me nuts, it only happens on the computer i use at home to work, but it's been really getting on my nerves so glad i found this forum, because i thought it was specific to my pc, I've been looking for solutions

Just need to de install desktop then re install it and it disapears


Thanks, is that the official fix? They've not got back to me on the ticket I have open where they last said they knew what it was. I can re-install but would rather not on multiple machines...


Hello Andy,

We are working on the fix, and as soon as it is released, you will be notified via your ticket.

Apologies for the inconveniences this is causing you.



Technical Support

this has been going on for over a month and I was told a fix was on the way a few weeks ago,  it's very annoying because we have seen linnworks desktop stability diminish as well as this constant flashing mouse pointer. 

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