Downsides of OBA migration

Just a quick heads up if you are about to be migrated to OBA via linnworks,net  

You will lose access to all pre-migration shipping labels. If like me you reprint labels to get the 2d tracking number (when a customer queries delivery) then be aware this option is gone. We are currently opening tickets for each non delivery to get the code retrieved which is more time consuming and clunky than it used to be.

Obviously in a few weeks this problem will be gone as queries will relate the new shipping labels but until the it is a pain in the ....

Having used the new integration today, it will be useful having the 2d barcodes easily accessible but it also made me realise just how poor is compared to desktop, basic functions like sorting/filtering/searching are more limited in .net. I have open tickets for the worst ones and will add more as I find them. 


We can export a csv file for you with all orders and their 2D codes printed within certain dates.

Royal Mail manifest filter and search functions will be released within a few business days.

Thanks Olga, already have the csv file and its good to know the search and filter functions are coming but they should have been there already. I think the point I'm trying to make is that this demonstrates  .net isnt as fully functional as desktop, there are small but essential bits of the interface not working or just missing and there needs to be a big piece of work to sort this out before I will consider migration. 

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