Linnworks - Mano Mano channel integration


We use Linnworks as a tool to retrieve order information from several marketplaces and send tracking information to marketplaces.

For Mano Mano we would like to have a channel integration that gets orders frequently and can send tracking information back to Mano Mano:

1. Retrieve the orders from Mano Mano every hour (or as frequently as possible) to Linnworks.

2. We must be able to retrieve the orders from Linnworks to our ESB without creating a new API for our ESB to Linnworks.

3. We will send the tracking information per order back to Linnworks through our current API between Linnworks and our ESB.

4. The Mano Mano channel integration must send the trackingnumber to Mano Mano and make sure that the order is marked as complete in Mano Mano.

We will test the integration on our test account in Linnworks first, this test account is connected to our test ESB and test ERP. If the test integration is working as mentioned above we will integrate this in our live environment.

You can get in touch through with your proposal and please do provide previous work and recommendations. For the proposal keep in mind that we do not want to have any encrypted code. We want to be able to adjust the code ourselves.

Kind regards,

Jos de Nijs

QLF Brands

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I would be very keen to have ManoMano integrated with Linnworks!

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