Data Import - Item Minimum Level - Global Setting

Reference Ticket:- #1174469 Minimum level default value

Problem Statement

Stock and Inventory Data Imports currently set the Minimum Level to 4 when no minimum level is specified on new items that have not had a level explicitly specified for a particular location.

This should be a configurable option at a global level or ideally a global and location level, location overriding global (location would then suit differing business models).  Global would act as the catch all which in our Business would be 0 as an example.


Currently you can only use auto print function for shipping labels and invoices.

Setting can be found in >Open Orders screen > Configuration (top right cog button)  > Order Book Settings > Order Processing > Auto Print Label/Invoice.

More information can be found here:

In regards to pick list, you would still need to perform some steps from your side to print the pick lists for your orders as there is no option for an auto-printing.

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Hi Natalia,

This request is around importing CSV's and Minimum Stock levels being set to 4 by default on new items


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