Labels won't now print from our Zebra printer and 2D numbers changing??

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Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but since our royal mail integration was upgraded on the 7th March, from the 8th of March all our royal mail labels now print through our main invoice printer. We've checked the set-up as we were advised and this does still list the Zebra printer as our label printer so now don't know what to do?

Also at the same time we have now noticed that the 2D barcodes being printed don't track on the royal mail site. We had a label that we had previously printed out for a customer claiming non receipt ( 2D code number 21014141200000009BA47), now when we re-print the label (which comes out of the wrong printer) it is saying the code is 21041141200000009D14A. The first number shows as delivered, the second number shows not.HELP!

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Hello Andy,

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