Is anyone else having problems importing images?

I've reported this to linnworks already but I just want to check if anyone else is having this issue.

We batch import products to linnworks but if any of our images are over 1800 pixels high in size we get this error

"Executing Import queries. Error importing column: Image URL. One or more errors occurred."

At first I thought it was a filesize issue but after running tests gradually reducing the image height to 1800 pixels high and also compressing to different file sizes I worked out it's got nothing to do with the filesize but it is all to do with the image dimensions.

If anyone can else confirm they are having the issue as I think the resizing that linnworks do is broken.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

The issue is already being investigated and we will get back you you in the ticket as soon as it is fixed.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

* If anyone will have the same issue - feel free to raise a ticket in Linnworks Support Center as well. 

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