Dispatch Location Named in Audit Trail

 Currently there appears to be no way of determining which FC or other dropship location an order was dispatched by from the order Audit Trail. It is a significant oversight as it makes very difficult to establish where the goods were sent from. The history simply states "Exported to fulfilment center" or "Order Successfully Despatched", but omits to state the location in question.

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Linnworks integrations work per site, so where the order comes from is covered by the 'Details' tab and the SubSource column (when viewing Processed Orders or a spreadsheet of processed orders). For example with that order (id 107388), the subsource is Amazon_UK, so you know the order came to and was fulfilled from that channel's location.

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Hi Joonas,

I think you have misread my post. I am referring to the dispatch location, not the sales channel.



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