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Bit of a general question but hoping someone here can provide some insight on this. 

I have my products listed on Ebay UK currently and i'm using their international site visibility tool as part of my listing to get exposure to other sites. 

When I login to other sites such as Ebay.es for example, I can see my listing does appear. However it doesn't show up in the search results (despite me ranking as number 1 for various different keywords on Ebay UK). 

So my question is, would it be beneficial for me to individually list my items directly on each Ebay international site? And if so, is there anything I need to be aware of before doing so? E.g. do I have to pay for a separate shop subscription on each site....

Furthermore, can Linnworks track the international site sales through my existing Ebay channel integration without any further setup?



Thank you for contacting Linnworks.

In Linnworks you only need one account to manage and list to any eBay international sites. For example you can list of ebay.co.uk and also on ebay.com from the same account. It will manage the stock levels and orders from all those listings in each international site. To list on a new country site you just need to specify this when you create a new Ebay configurator in Linnworks.

As far as the result does not show up in the search results because the listing is not from that country and it will only show when the customer has specified the filters in the search such as "Item location > Default, UK Only, European Union, Worldwide. For more detailed information on this you can contact eBay and they will be able to explain how the search results work.

It depends on you if you want to list the same item on each country site or not, you can consult with eBay and they can better guide you on it but as far as Linnworks is concerned you do not need to integrate a new account or integration with same eBay user id.

Feel free to ask any further questions.



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The point is that in local ebay sites "foreign" listings are shown in search results after all local listings - with lowest priority; also, only english sites are supported - listings from COM are visible in AU, UK CA but not in DE, FR and so on. Listings duplicated manually working great and there is software that automates this, I was using it and it is rare case when sales really grows up about 2 times with a "single button click" = but this software does not compatible with outer inventory management.

It is absolutely essential to have this feature in Linnworks.

Hello Oleg,

There is no functionality to duplicate listings to other eBay sites but it is still quite fast and easy to do:

You just need to create a separate eBay configurator for each site and do 'Create listings' command several times from My Inventory screen for each configurator.

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Is there any way to break down what templates are listed julietta?


Yes, you can apply Listed filter here:

It will show items which either were listed from Linnworks or which have been listed on eBay and are mapped to Linnworks items.

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