Etsy Inventory Management

Hi all,

Just started using linnworks and i'm very impressed so far. I've managed to link all of my SKUs from Ebay, Etsy and Amazon and can see orders coming in etc. 

However my stock levels don't seem to be getting auto updated on Etsy when I sell on ebay/amazon. I checked on Etsy and get the following message.


Is there a known issue that stock doesn't get updated on Etsy or can anyone advise a way I might be able to fix this?

Thank you 


We have double checked this with our developers and these messages are more like notifications, it should not affect anything and the stock levels should be submitted correctly. 

According to the latest logs, all the linked items should have been updated. You can check this here: Settings - Channel Integration - Etsy Inventory Sync - View Logs - View Log - Etsy: Successfully updated stock level for the item to current Linnworks stock level.

Best Regards,


Tech Support Team

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