Set shipping area exclusions on ebay. How to?

I need to restrict shipping in ebay to certain areas (IOM, IOW, Channels Islands etc) for some of our items that are oversized.

I can see that this can be done directly on ebay but I cannot see how this can be achieved through Linnworks.

Has anyone managed this?



Thank you for raising your question.  

It is absolutely possible to specify  excluded Shipping Locations for listings created/managed through Linnworks. Please  refer to this part of our documentation:

Essentially, within the Shipping tab of a configurator you have an option to  exclude certain location when specifying your shipping policy - this setting is sitting under International Details line and called Excluded Shipping Locations. Note that if you change these details on a  configurator which  already contains live listings, you will need to revise it so to apply the  changes to them.  

If you have any further  questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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