Amazon FBA orders are not coming through.

Our Amazon FBA orders have suddenly stopped appear in Linnworks from 25th January. 

All orders are good before this date, after - no FBA orders. 


I have  taken a look  at your account  and it seems like your  Amazon UK FBA location  has been  duplicated multiple times. The  UK FBA orders are actually sitting in one of these  duplicate locations. I can see quite a few orders  which were created after the 25th of Jan so I  reckon that all orders  are actually in LW.

The reason  why you may  have so many duplicate locations may be  due to the fact you could  have been re-integrating  the same channel multiple times  with the same name. Is it the case?

At the same time, if you have orders  missing from some  other channels, other than UK FBA, please let me know.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov


There are some orders after 25th of January, because I manually switch Last order sync date to 27th january. It was on the 31st january, therefore if you check an account now, there are no orders after 30th january (only 1 order from 31st january). 

The number of duplicate locations was there for long time now. But the orders are not imported from all Amazon channels, UK, DE, etc. There must be some other issue. 

Can you please check.

Waiting for the reply. 

Thanks for your support. 


I will need to raise a ticket and discuss this further in there since I need some additional information. 

Please reply to the ticket with the information I request.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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