Bigcommerce cost price for variations

When listing a variation it overwrites the cost price for each variation within Bigcommerce with the selling price of each variation.

It would be useful to just not fill that field in on Bigcommerce unless you can give us the ability to have a Cost Price field in the Variations section when listing products.

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Hello Chris,

Please try to use the 'sale_price' and 'cost_price' attributes in BigCommerce configurator:


You can add cost and sale prices as an extended property to your items. Then map those attributes in configurator with those extended properties. And revise the configurator:


Hope it helps!

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Hi Julietta,

Using that attribute is only useful for single products with no product options/variants. It does not solve the fact that Bigcommerce is not receiving the cost price for each separate variant. Our team has to manually type them in for each variant after listing the product.


Also, we'd want to take Purchase price already associated with a product and add it to the cost_price attribute. If we do it the way you mention with creating an extended property it is not cutting down our work, and we would have two places to update when a cost price change happens. Ideally Linnworks would have a extended property called product.purchase as it does with product.price

I hope this helps clarify the issue.

Kind regards

Stuart Wooster (on behalf of Treat Your Skin)

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