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Upload multiple pictures at once when creating new listings, like in Desktop

The Desktop version has the functionality where you can grab a folder full of images and upload them all in a couple of clicks, for adding photos to listings. This like many other features (such as a useful search) have been inexplicably removed in .net version. Please restore, its just a couple of lines of code. 


As .net is a browser based environment it does not have access to the hard drives on your PC or within your network to build a list of files that are contained in a specified folder and then upload them to the cloud which is why the data import route is recommended for added images in bulk. This import can work from files contained in a dropbox which can be accessed from a folder on your Pc.

Obviously this does mean a couple of extra steps as you have to create a file that provides links to the images, but it does mean that once the file is created a scheduled import can automatically pick up the images and add them to your inventory in the background whilst you are doing other tasks.

There are a few free tools available to retrieve a list of files in a folder so they can be added to a csv for importing

Some examples can be found here, although I have not tested any to confirm which provides the best solution.

It is also possible to retrieve the file list from the command prompt

  • Open the Command prompt from your start menu
  • Change to the required directory eg cd E:\Dropbox\Images
  • Enter dir *.jpg /b >ImageList.csv

Hope this helps


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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