Amazon to start requiring Valid tracking for 95% of orders

Is there a way for the royal mail delivery confirmation number to be automatically uploaded to amazon through linnworks desktop? I've heard it's available for however we only use desktop and we don't have plans to move across to .net. Amazon are going to be requiring this info to be uploaded next year I've heard and they've already added a performance metric for valid tracking numbers so linnworks will need to have this available for desktop before long?

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Could you please  confirm that you are referring to RM 2D barcodes which get printed for some of RM Shipping Services? If so, then the 2D barcodes will only be populated within the Tracking Number field  for RM orders if you use  the RM integration in 

However, you can still print labels from Linnworks desktop application and 2D barcode will appear in Tracking Number field in order details if  use the RM integration in the  Desktop. All you need to do it the following:

1. Integrate Royal mail in
2. Add service that you want to use:
If same service name is assigned to desktop integration, then please make sure that you name it differently.
3. Assign new services to your orders and print order from Linnworks desktop application.
4. All you need to do from is file manifest in the end of the day.

Please note that 2D barcode will only be generated for untracked services. For tracked service Linnworks will still generate a tracking number. 

Once the barcodes are generated, LW will  send  the tracking which will be  saved under the Order details in Tracking Number Field along with the despatch note even  if you use the  Desktop client.

I  hope this was  helpful.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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