Unable to 'Integrate' with Mail carrier


Brand new account here, I've managed to integrate with eBay, now attempting to integrate with:

'Royal Mail Shipping Integration' on the homepage tab

I press the 'Integrate' button but nothing happens, no script errors or any indication anything is happening.

When clicking 'Integrate' for any other carrier, I get a dialogue asking for account number as expected



Hello Lee,

As far as I can see the Integration was added to the list of your Shipping Integrations, but its missing information.

Can you please go to your Shipping > Integrations > Royal Mail OBA > Config. Once done, fill out all of the details. If all the details are correct the integrations will have a status of "Awaiting Vendor" which will mean that RM received the request and have to approve it, which might take up to 3 days. We cannot speed it up as this is directly dependent on them. 

Best Regards,


Tech Support

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