Shipping method multi-level drop-down menu

Would it be possible to include the option of a multi-level drop-down menu in the Despatch Console, where you could first select your courier from the 'Shipping Method' drop down, which would then lead to a second drop down where all of the services you have set up under that specific courier are listed.

With the current system, if more than one courier is integrated, the drop-down becomes very long and crowded, which occasionally leads to mistakes. In the case of our organisation, we have 18 different shipping options over two different integrations. In the likely event of adding further couriers to our account, the drop down will become very difficult to navigate through.

For an example of this feature I have attached a GIF to this request. As an example of how complicated the single-level drop-down can become, I have attached a screenshot of our own drop-down menu with the 18 different options.


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