Extended properties to appear on picklists and invoices

It would be great to be able to have the option to include extended properties on picklists and invoices. 

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Totally agree, we are starting to use more complex attributes on products such as Colour, Size etc. and our warehouse staff are completely confused not seeing the details of what was ordered on the pick/pack lists.  I put in a support ticket asking how to do this, and was asked to leave feedback on this Feature Requests forum.

We need more upvotes here so they will pay attention :)

I would actually like to see extended properties to be available to be displayed on any and all LW document templates, specifically Purchase Orders in my case.

Yes please - and on invoice templates too

I find it hard to understand why this requirement has not been met yet.  Could someone at Linnworks possibly address?

would agree this would be extremely handy, we use them for "high risk/warning" flags, would be be perfect on the pick list.

I had a strong need for this and ended up coding an app to make custom picking and packing lists for me.  Well worth it for the time it saves every day and reduced error rate in despatched orders.

 We really need this feature

So do we

Same here. Shame that it's not been done yet. I had to make a horrible workaround for this to add "Packing instructions" for specific items. Extended properties would make this SO easy

This would be extremely handy to bring extended properties into all templates. 

Including stock item labels, so we can incorporate more information onto our labels without the need to duplicate and manage existing fields in extended properties into "additional1,2,3 etc"


Needed too please. 

Needed too.

Agree, most shopping carts now have the option for extended properties and it is becoming the norm, come on Linnworks, give us access to all the XML options the carts offer...

Yes.  Especially because Linnworks is limited with not allowing multiple parcels per SKU.  So we HAVE to use extended properties with custom shipping integrations.  But we can't use the pick lists to accurately pick the right number of parcels as every SKU = 1 which is not the case!  Also the pick list template designer is impossible to customise.  I'd rather the write the HTML itself than use the archaic builder.

(note - split packaging is not an option as it's not the same as multiple parcels for each SKU.  Think large furniture in more than 1 box).  A shame this post is 3 years old so I'm not hopeful for any development here :( 

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