Change to the Configurator - Shipping Services - Weight Rules screen logic

When adding shipping weights inside the configurator - shipping services - Weight Rules the ADD NEW button defaults to creating the next weight in 100g increments

However this is only useful when adding weights under 2KG - after that it is either in 500g or 1kg increments

Therefore it would be great if the Add New button logic could increment by the value of the previous increment - for example

Add New -> creates the first rule of 0-100

Add New -> creates the next rule of 100-200

Add New -> creates the next rule of 200-300


After we have added 2000-2100 I edit the 2100 to be 2500 creating a 500g increment so the next
Add New -> creates 2500-3000

Add New -> creates 3000-3500

Add New -> creates 3500-4000


At 10000-10500 I edit the 10500 to 11000 creating a 1000 increment so 

Add New -> creates 11000-12000

etc etc etc

This would be a huge improvement and time saver


Goodness me. This Weight Rules screen is driving us nuts because you cant freely edit the weight ranges. It seems that once "add new" has put the range in its impossible to edit it.

Whats even more annoying is that Daniel (above) complained about this 3 years ago.

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