Improve date filters for exports

When trying to set date filters it is impossible to get a full 31 days exported. For example, to do this for October requires from 0:00 on 1st Oct to 0:00 on 1st Nov. If you try this, Linnworks says you cannot export more than 31 days. This error is returned even if you ask Linnworks to just export the "previous month" (if it has 31 days). The only way to export is to set the filters from 0:00 on 1st Oct to 23:55 on 31st Oct. 

It means you lose any orders in those last 5 minutes. It's not critical but it needs tidying up.

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Hello Richard,

You are correct. The maximum date range can only be 31 days. I would the recommend to set up 2 exports: one for date range rom 0:00 on 1st Oct to 23:55 on 31st Oct and second one for the range 23:55 on 31st Oct to 00:00 on 1st Nov.


Yes, I know, this is what I have to do. What would be better is if Linnworks corrected this so the feature worked correctly...

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