Allow entry of cost price up to 5 decimal places on

Linnworks allows the cost price to be more than 2 decimal places but this can only be entered using an import. This is irritating if you are regularly adding just one product. I would like to be able to set the cost price to more than 2 decimal places within

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It'd be great if this could be added!

Bump this again...

Do you mean in Edit Inventory item and My Inventory grid? 

Yes, exactly. The only way at present is to do an import which is long winded if you're just adding one product.

Sorry, to be more specific, on the suppliers tab of a product in My Inventory. It's specifically the supplier cost price that I want to edit.

got you, leave this with me... 

Plus one from me

Any news on this?

Hello Fedor  

Any update on this? 

It's another very seemingly simple change to Linnworks that never happens. It's such a waste of time having to create and run imports just to be able to add the right price for a supplier. 4 years ago I first requested this...

Still no update??

This seems to have been quickly and quietly rolled out by Linnworks... It works for me now up to 4dp


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