Edit Resends from the Returns/Refunds Console

Often when you have to resend an order it is because the original order has not arrived with the customer, or it has arrived damaged.

In order to deliver good customer service, these resends need to go via the fastest possible postage service.

The original order is usually standard postage, as this is what the customer chose originally.

So we always need to edit the order resend to change the postage method from standard to expedited.

In the desktop version of Linnworks, once you had created the resend there was an option to open and edit it straight from the console.

This doesn't exist in .net so please look into getting this feature!

At the moment after the resend is created it just sends you back to the resends screen, which means its difficult to know if it has even been created properly.

You then have to find the resend in the open orders view, click on it to get to the 'edit' view, edit and complete.

If this feature which seems to be very basic was available, the customer support advisors would be much more efficient and less chance of mistakes too. 

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