FRUUGO integration FEED

I also find it annoying when I add a new product I need to then submit a new feed to FRUUGO on desktop and unable to do so in .net

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Hi, yes, we have also migrated away from Desktop to .NET, as we have been encouraged to do by Linnworks. This means that we now not able to list any new products to this sales channel as there is no listing tool. Fruugo listing tool for .NET would be great please.

We raised a ticket about this approx 3 months ago and were told Linnworks developers were "working on it". Since "working on it" means very little, we're forced to conclude that Linnworks has decided that Fruugo is not at the top of its list of priorities, which suggests it probably won't be looked at for another couple of years - if then. Because we came on board too late to be allowed to have Linnworks desktop, we haven't moved forward with Fruugo, despite being cleared to sell there. We don't have in-house IT staff to write the code for our own feed and we're not prepared to spend a lot of extra money to have a third party do it for us when we don't know what the returns might be. Perhaps it's time for another ticket...

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