Updating Certaing Attributes only for Ebay Listing


I am selling car parts on Ebay and recently faced a big problem and could not get solution over support. I appriciate if develepment team can help me to overcome it. Here my problem:

Everyone knows that Ebay has 65 character limits for listing attributes. For car parts 'Reference OEM Number' attribute has quite importance as values in this field can appear on Ebay search. For some of my listing I have got more than 65 characters OEM numbers. Previously I was spliting it into some other fiels such as Reference OEM Number 1, 2 or so on. But recently I relaised that those splitted reference numbers do not appear on Ebay search which makes it useless to put there.

I also relalised that Ebay allow to put more than 65 characters to OEM field via its website. I can edit this field from Ebay website but when the listing is updated from linnworks all the OEM field dissappers. I would like you to enable an option so that user can choice which attributes to update on Ebay listing. Or any alternative solution is welcome!

I also try update price and title only but it also remove the OEM field. I urgently need a solution for that!

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem?


this sounds very much like you are entering multiple OEM reference numbers into this field rather than just a single number OEM reference number.

When updating/revising a listing from Linnworks we submit all the data about the listing as this is a requirement of our API integration rather than just pushing some data. Therefore if you are saying that Linnworks is removing fields from Item Specifics when you revise this would be because the data either does not exist in Linnworks or is not part of the Configurator / Listing Template used to update the listing.

The only part of a listing that is submitted by itself is quantity and price.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. As it is nature of car parts, they may have thasounds caracters of OEM numbers. So it is not possible to fit them in a single 65 field. I am editing this field from Ebay where I can put as much as character I want. 

But problem is if I feed this field from Linnworks I can only feed up to 65 caracters which I dont really want. If I do not feed anything to this field it deletes all in this field. 

Can you please integrate a  feature so that it will not remove the OEM field if it is not feeded from Linworks. That is what I want basically.



Hi Mark,

Is there any update on my problem at all?



I am having the same issue. As Ahmet said it is crucial to get as many relevant relevant numbers into this field as they are indexed by eBay. In eBay this is a list of references. In LinnWorks there doesn't seem to be a way to add multiple items with the same name 'Reference OE/OEM Number' 

Hi, Linnworks support team, 

We have the same problem for 'Reference OE/OEM Number'  , could you please look into it and find us a solution .#

We do need to have 'Reference OE/OEM Number' which lets us to enter as many as characters we need to put in .




the solution is to use multiple extended properties on your stock item, each with up to 65 characters.

You are then able to add the Item specific multiple times to the configurator with each instance mapped to a different extended property

When the Linnworks listing template is created it will retrieve the differing values from the stock item and then subsequently combine them when pushing to eBay.

Stock item extended Properties

eBay Configurator item specific mapping

 eBay Listing Template

Live Listing Item Specific

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