Assign the correct stock level sign to composite orders

With orders with composites even though there is enough stock to for fill the order LW is still giving me a red circle stating the item is out of stock. (5 of the same items in stock and 5 making up the composite for the one order)

I have spoke in chat and this is how LW deals with composites.

I think it would be good if it could actually show no symbol if its in stock, the red triangle if insufficient and the red circle if it is out of stock. Like what it should do really.  

I completely agree. This confused me the other day when we had a large customer order and it looks as though there's not enough stock. It definitely needs a redesign.

I've had a reply to my ticket - 

"I apologize for the delay in response.

I have spoken to our team and it doesn't look like this is possible.

I apologize for any inconvenience.  


Kind Regards,

Joseph J."

I find this ridiculous, how can they even think its OK to show in stock items out of stock beats me! 

I'm going to open a "Feature request" now, if you could like it that would be great.

Well! "Unfortunately this has been put on backlog and it will not be done for the next 6 months."

I really can't believe there isn't anyone else effected by this. 

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