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Would it be possible to add the variation pictures associated specifics that you have in the eBay templates to the BigCommerce templates? As we sell garments, we list on eBay using the Colour choice variation and this only creates 12 images (1 for each colour choice). With our BigCommerce listings, this feature is not present and we end up uploading 48 images (12 colours in 4 sizes).

Basically by using the same process you guys have for eBay images in templates, would be very useful in the BigCommerce templates too.

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Any update on this possibility? I see a lot of more recent feature requests have been acknowledged.

Has anyone else worked a way round this? We have over 1000 products which would all have at least 75% more images uploaded than are required.

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The image LWA.jpg is currently how it looks when uploaded fro LW, and LWB.jpg is how it should look with a lot of the duplicated images removed (I have manually removed these, but do not fancy doing this for over 1000 products!)

LWB.jpg LWB.jpg
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LWA.jpg LWA.jpg
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Any update on this. There was a ticket about this which I would be advised would be updated, but could be a few months. 7 months on, I have still not heard anything.

Please advise.

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Hello Jamie,

Kindly reply in your Ticket #1149212 (

The agent dealing with your ticket should be able to update you on the status of your feature request.

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Technical Support

Hi Jamie,

We are also using Bigcommerce and facing this issue.

We would love to know if you find a workaround other than manually updating the product within Bigcommerce for it to then only be overwritten by Linnworks if we push an update.

It would be great if Linnworks also updated the image description from the product/variant name in Linnworks too to help identify what each image is. Unless the product image shows the variant name on the packaging it is pretty hard to identify makeup as an example which is light brown, brown or dark brown!

We have a ticket open too: 1173741

Hi Chris,

Not really found a suitable work around and received a really unhelpful update from Tech Support:

"The feature request was forwarded to our implementation team but unfortunately there was no update on the further process."

I am not sure why they think this is a feature update, it is a fundamental floor in their system. They addressed it for eBay listings, so they have already written the code. Why they can not simply copy and paste this to work in the image selection for BigCommerce is beyond me! 

I guess until we get enough people demanding it to be fixed, we will be ignored. I have also emailed Josh Neale as received the 'It's been 6 months. What do you think?' email. Not had a response to that either. Why ask for feedback if you are not going to acknowledge it.

I guess we just keep re-opening our tickets until they get it sorted ;)


Hi Jamie,

Hopefully it will get resolved along with a few other flaws when it comes to Bigcommerce variants:

  • Not copying the cost prices to the variants cost price field - instead they add the Retail price from Linnworks.
  • Not copying over the variant weights of each variant into the variant weight field within Bigcommerce.

Any time I update a variant product I have to go into Bigcommerce and enter the correct data - weights are needed accurate shipping costs and the cost prices are needed for profit reports.

Linnworks if you are reading this, help us automate our work further please! If I have to open Bigcommerce anyway then you are making Linnlive for this channel obsolete and I'll go back to just mapping the SKUs. 


I am glad to let you know that we are already in the process of implementing the latest API version for BigCommerce into Linnworks. The development team is currently working on updating all of the functionality we have for BC onto API V3. Once this task is accomplished, Linnworks will have the ability to submit weights and prices when creating variation listings. 

I have also updated your tickets.

Hi Jana,

Does this include the image issue as part of this work?

Many thanks,


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