Barcode Font - Can We Change It?

Thanks to Dmitry for recommending the extension to try Desktop app.

Is there a way to change barcode font, as 3 of 9 is quite big compared to the 128 we currently use.

Actually, the designer in Desktop app allows access to all fonts installed on the computer including Code128.
This is not available on .Net.

Follow-up questions:
  1. Will different barcode fonts be made available on .Net?
  2. On Desktop App Label Designer, how do you apply the barcode only to item number and not to the other variables included on the label?
  3. Do you offer onboarding assistance and is it included or is there a separate fee?


Desperately need to be able to install a Code128 barcode font - Please implement this!


Thank you for your message. I have passed your request as a suggestion. 

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Any chance there's an update on this?

Hi Is there any update on this please.

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