Additional Email Templates

In desktop you could do various promotional email types or asking for feedback type emails 

In .NET the only options you have are dispatch notifications or support emails 

It would be great to be able to setup an other option so we can setup any type of email we wanted to the customer 

Ideally this would be sent a set number of days after order processing 

eg after 3 days send thank you and ask for feedback

after 10 days ask for product review 


Please can this be looked to added in 


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we have just released an update to .NET email templates for Manual Emails

These can be set up either as templates or complete free text emails and can be set up for either Open or Processed orders.

There is no option to set conditions as you have with the Automated emails.

Work is ongoing at the moment for .NET to support macros, so you will be able to use your own logic to implement feedback type emails

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation 

Linn Systems Ltd


Do you have an ETA on the macros / own logic, could we expect it this side of Xmas? 

Also when you say manual templates - how exactly are these set to send? 

Do we find the order in open / processed orders and choose a manual email we want to send them? 



Hi Daniel


The first version of .Net Macros is being demonstrated in the talks at Linn Academy on 19th September. 

Not sure on the full release, but I do expect it this side of Christmas

Manual Email Templates

In either Open Orders or Processed find the required order(s), Right Click and select Send Email



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