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I am/was trialing Linnworks for our business.

I am finding it confusing that many of the Desktop features that are the top search results are not available or hard to find on

Please advise on whether I am missing these features, and if not, when they will be available:

  • Reorder Low Stock
  • Purchase Orders from Open Orders
I see that Min Level is available on the My Inventory page, but I don't think the PO module will be very useful without Reorder Low Stock.
Also, the PO from Open Orders is important criteria for our next solution.

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Hello there,

We have planned the migration of this functionality over to the Net version and our developers are working in that direction. It would be hard to provide any solid ETA at this point, but this is indeed present on our development road map.

Best regards,


Technical Support

Hello Dmitry,

Thanks for the update.

Is it possible to access these and other functions missing from if we were to download the Desktop installer as described here:

Please inform me if you can provide a new trial period to try this out?

Hello there,

Yes sure you can install the desktop and use the needed functionality there, nothing was removed from the desktop version. If you need to expand your trial period - please give our sales a call at +1 347 391 8948

Thank you Dmitry, will do!


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