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I really need a 'days out of stock' figure for all sku's within a given date range. I could then use this to calculate how many items to restock.

I know that Linnworks has within in it the information to provide this, as it knows the level for each day, but it seems there's no report that can just simply give a 'number of days out of stock', i.e. 'number of days that level is 0' for each sku. 

Can anyone help? thank you!


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Hello Jim,

The data is stored in StockChange table. it contains the date of when the stock level has been changed and its quantity. If you join this table with StockItem and StockLocation then you will be able to extract all the data you need to complete your report.

MS SQL knowledge is required to complete this task.

Hello Matt,

I see, that makes sense, thanks for the clear explanation. I wonder, would you be able to offer a sample script yourself that could achieve this? my own knowledge of MS SQL is, well none. That would be awesome! of course I'd be happy to offer some form of payment for your time too. Cheers



Hello Jim,

We can look into writing this for you, please create a ticket in Scripting/Customization category and we will be glad to assist you.

Kind regards,

Nikita Barford

I was surprised to see this was not give on the website as optional scripts - I am suer useful to everyone.

If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you.

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