Can Linnworks take the weights of products already on various channels, namely Ebay?

I sell a lot of individual items (with unique SKU's) on Ebay and therefore don't want/have the time to upload each item as a product to Linnworks (however that may be done)

Therefore is there a way for Linnworks to grab the weight of an item which is already stated on Ebay?

It seems crazy why this wouldn't be integrated when pretty much everything else is. Currently I am having to amend each item sold in Linnworks to add the weight. 

Kind Regards Patrick

Hello Patrick,

Our shipping vendor integrations were designed to use data stored in Linnworks database rather than process data provided by the selling channel.

As a workaround you can use packaging weight for orders containing unlinked items, it will work for the majority of shipping couriers.

How exactly do you mean that packaging weight can be used for unlinked orders? 

Kind Regards Patrick

Surely it would be best to have the option to be able to use the data provided by the selling channel?

Kind Regards Patrick

No response after 7 days?


Each order is getting assigned to a packaging group, which can have its own weight defined in Shipping > Packaging Groups

Linnworks adds packaging group weight into order total weight, so this can be used as a workaround in case your main goal is to get positive weights containing unlinked items.

Hi, just to clarify,

So you mean that if I add the packaging dimensions to my listings on ebay and create packaging rules based upon these in linnworks I can have weights added to the orders based upon these parameters?

Is there a link where I can see how to do this process?

Kind Regards Patrick

Hello Patrick,

This is not what I meant. I was referring to orders, not listings. It does not matter what dimensions or weight are assigned to your listing - Linnworks does not get this information from the selling channel.

The only way to bypass weight requirement in Linnworks, is using packaging group weight, which will be added to order total weight making it positive.

Here is a basic documentation on packaging groups:

Here's a doc on auto assignment methods:

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