Custom Inventory view filter by Location

Hello, I think it would be quite handy to have a filter that would only show Items that currently are in the selected Location. Personally I have 2 warehouses and not all of my products are listed on Marketplaces so the listing that are not listed anywhere do not show up in custom views ( or I just do not know how to do it ). Ideally I would like to open an windom and see everything that is in Location1 or Location2


To shows items that are in Stock please ensure you have the column Level visible which can then be used to set a Filter of > 0


To then further control the view based on Location use the Drop down list to select a specific Location or Combined stock for all location


And what if I want to do product orders and would like to check what is out of stock. I have done same principal and I selected Location1 however it shows all the products that are out of stock (even the location2 stock). It shows 700+ listing from which I only sell probalbly 200 in Location1 and rest of them are sold in Location2. My goal here is to completely separate Location1 stock from Location2 Stock. I am attaching screenshots and highlited items are in Location1 rest of them are in Location2. It gets really confusing when seeing out of stock products since some product are the same in both locations and some products are only sold either in Location1 or Location2


An inventory item is not Location specific, ie it is potentially available to be despatched from any location that has stock.

What you are describing here is that you have your own additional logic that an item will never have stock in a specific location and so therefore should not be displayed in the view when the Location is also selected.

The solution would be to look at using either an Extended Property to control this Fulfilment location.

The way you could achieve this is as follows

1. Add a new Extended Property to each item called "Fulfilment Location"

2. Set the value for the property to match where you Fulfill the item from eg "Location 1" or "Location 2"

3. Add an Extended Property Filter to you view where Property Name = "Fulfilment Location" and Property Value = "Location 1" 

4. Once the view is saved only inventory items that have this property with this value will be included in the view



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