Issue with printing invoice

Hello all,

I am new to linnworks and still trying to find my way around. I am having issues printing the invoices for my orders from eBay. I have linked the items with from eBay to my inventory on Linnworks and created a postal service for royal mail which is linked to the eBay shop. However when I click the print invoice on the order I get the label saying it's printed but no print dialog for me to print from. Am I missing something?

FYI I am on the community edition if that matters.

Thank you

Hello there,

If you are printing on - first of all you would need to make sure to install a Virtual Printer client -

In the VP client you would need to login with your LW account and add your currently active printers to it - they will be passed from the VP to application. From here you can then proceed to Settings -> Template Designer - find that invoice template you wish to print and edit it. Here on the left make sure that the correct printer is selected for that template. This specific invoice template will be sent to that selected printer.

If you are printing from the Desktop - you would only need to make sure that in the Template Designer you have set the needed printer for that invoice template(in the top right corner). If you wish to select the printer while printing the invoice itself - you can set the printer option to Select Printer in the template designer for that template.

Great thanks, all sorted now. It appears Linnworks doesn't work very well with my version of Safari but works perfectly with Chrome.

Thanks for your help.

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