Purchase price to be updated every time a new Purchase Order is raised

At present there is no way to quickly see what price we payed last time we bought a particular product without manually sifting through each PO.

Linnworks should update the "Purchase Price" field to the last price used in the last purchase order.

Otherwise what is the point in "purchase price"

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Hi Richard,

we are currently in a development cycle for improvements / updates to the Purchase Ordering system for Linnworks.net and I have raised your point with the team looking into potential changes / updates for Purchase Order functionality. One of the features we are looking into introducing is to allowing enhanced displaying of the history of purchases for an item including the latest price used when purchasing. This could include an option to update the purchase price as displayed on the General tab of an inventory item.

It could be dangerous for us to automatically push a price in this field for you as you may have received a special deal from a supplier on your most recent purchase order. The other thing to consider would be conversion rates as you may have multiple suppliers for an item with some of them not being in your base currency which as I am sure you see could be detrimental.

In the short term I will look at getting a new report in Query Data that will allow you to see the purchase history for an item and therefore see the latest purchase price


Mark Aldous

Linn Systems

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the update.

How about a new field called "last purchase price"

If this was a column in the create purchase order screen then the buyer can at a glance see if the price has fluctuated since the item was last purchased.

In my opinion this is super important as its the deciding factor as to whether we need to update our selling price or not.

We used to raise PO's in another system prior to Linnworks and this info was invaluable.

Another vote from me for this feature.  

Purchase price in two different places, General and Suppliers tabs, doesn't make any sense. 

Stock can't be booked in via the Stock In screen without a purchase price, yet takes the Purchase Price from the Suppliers tab on the item which is in the Purchase Order.

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