Linnworks integration with Quickbooks

Hi Guys,

Can anyone give advice / recommendation on the best solution to connect Linnworks to Quickbooks??

We sell on eBay, Amazon and Bigcommerce and all of these are connected to Linnworks and this works brilliantly.

I would like to know the best solution for getting the invoices, stock, payments etc into Quickbooks.



Hello Marc,

It is possible to install Quickbooks Connector or Connex for QuickBooks application within that will allow you to automatically synchronize your Linnworks items, customers, sales orders to your QuickBooks Online account. The applications are available from our application store in > Apps > Application Store. 

You can read about applications here:

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Alesja Tsernoseva

Tech Suport

Hi Marc,

Just wondering if you went down this route?

I am trying to find the best way to handle the whole accounts side of things with Linnworks, and like you, use the 3 channels you mentioned. 

Any advise, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hi Jamie,

No luck yet, cloud connector is so expensive to set up.

I've actually trialed XERO and that is miles better than Quickbooks with direct feeds from bank and PayPal. We will be moving over to that at year end.

We started from nothing and set up individual stock codes in QB but it does not work once you grow. We currently use ONESAAS to integrate eBay and Bigcommerce to Quickbooks. This is good but not 100% so you have some manual entering each month which is time consuming and needs eliminating.


The way forward is to do a single sales code and get XERO to create invoices and receive money into the bank with the direct feed. 
Purchase orders can be entered to a singe stock code and each month you can get the stock value sold from Linnworks and take this away from the stock figure.

The things is Linnworks is brilliant and has all the breakdown of figures you need.

The accounts side needs to be as simple as possible for reconciliation.

XERO is far superior for navigation, ease of use and that why I would not recommend Quickbooks

I trust this helps.


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