Script for Voucher/Coupon codes from Woo Commerse Wordpress website


We have an issue with voucher/coupon codes used on our Woo Commerse website. They are filtered into Linnworks showing the original amount and then on a seperate line showing the discount amount added.

We also use a software called Tradebox which imports from Linnworks and feeds onto Sage (accounting software). Tradebox cannot import the minus amount on the second line, so is only putting in the top line (the original amount before discount) which is obviously incorrect.

We spoke to Linnworks who says that this is standard for importing from our Woo Commerse site, however there is a script that can be written so that the discount is incorporated into the top line.

Could somebody please advise where we should go to do this and how to set up?

Kind Regards

LKM Trading LTD


Please create a ticket from within your account in Customisation / Scripting group and we will have a look into this for you.

Kind regards,

Nikita Barford

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