Allow manual "add a product" when creating a new order which is not in the inventory

When creating an order within Linnworks only the inventory items can be selected which means unless the order is in the inventory it cannot be made. If I wish to send a letter or something not usually sent I would therefore need to add it to the inventory in order to create a new order and process it.

Please can manual editing of Adding a product be included in the new order page.

Kind Regards Patrick

Patrick the way we get round this is have what we call replacement items pre defined in the system 

So we have them from 100g - 200g - 300g etc up to 2kg then if we need to send something ad hoc we just select the replacement item of the specific weight and away it goes. 

This also means we are billed correct by courier 


That is a partial work around because I would need to add an SKU to it as well. I had considered this way of doing for a letter or something similar but the SKU would still be an issue.

Kind Regards Patrick

Hi Patrick,

from what you have described the option you are looking for is "Add Service" which allows you to add an item to your order that does not exist as a Linnworks Inventory Item


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

is this the only way to do this still or have created a better way by any chance, we need the same feature where want to add order manually - we get alot of order from our social media so not automation to be had there 

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