Adding products to a PO

When adding products to a PO once a product is selected & you go to select another, you have to enter the whole SKU again. On desktop the last search is still there. We have a basic SKU that then expands into different colours or sizes. So in desktop I can search by the start of the SKU & a full list shows. That list is still there when I go to add more on the PO

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Hi Anthony,

we are in the middle of a development cycle that is related to updating purchase orders and supply chain management.

As a slight tweek to your request we will look at implementing multi-select when adding items to a purchase order rather than remembering the previous search criteria.

I can not give you an ETA on this at the moment, but the developers working on this functionality are now aware of the requirement.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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