Inventory Max Listed Update Frequency?

Hi Support,

I want to know how often the "Max Listed" value gets synced to eBay and Amazon channels. Is this realtime? 

Also do we have any power over changing the frequency of this update?

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

This number is sent to the sales channel with the stock level update for each item. With the autonomous sync the updates are sent each 15 minutes after the previous sync has finished running, but there must be a stock level change in order for the system to use a new Max Listed quantity on that item. So if you need to make sure that a new Max Listed number is used - please issue a stock level update for the needed item(s). You can change the current level by 1 -> let the system sync the new level(in about next 15-20 minutes, depending if the sync is running already at this point) with the Max Listed quantity and then change the level back to original value to submit it again. 

 Hi Dmitry, thanks for the response.

But if an item is sold then that would be a stock change in actual quantity and therefore the max listed right.

Actually we don't need a "new max listed" quantity to be synced. What I tried to say was if an item gets sold on a particular channel how quickly does Linnworks updates the number of items listed on that channel (due to max listed).

ex. Channel eBay1 - Max Listed (30) -  At 13:30 - 5 items sold - So 25 left   So when does Linnworks update this channel (eBay1) with the max listed quantity (30) again.

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

Yes if there was a sale - the available quantity would be changed and the stock level updates will be sent for that item.

With your example if you actually have more in stock in Linnworks - the new update with the level of 30 will be sent right after the order was downloaded and the inventory sync has run. So the levels should be updated within the 30 minutes after the orders were made on the channel. The first sync will download the created orders which will change the available level(this sync itself could be running for 5-10 minutes depending on the number of orders to download) -> when the next sync is running in 15 minutes after the previous one has finished the system will see that the level on the channel is lower than the Max Listed(as the orders were downloaded and the levels were changed) and will include this listing in the update. So if there are no errors taking place within the 30 minutes the levels should be updated(could be less - depending on when the orders were made -> if the sync was already running or not, as these orders will be downloaded with the following sync, but not with the one which was already running at that point of sale being made).

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