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Fulfilment Centre Export orders to Email.

Much like the Linnworks Client Drop Shipper Module, I would like to have the ability to export customer orders to my suppliers via Email.

My suppliers simply do not have the tech to accept FTP, SFTP and HTTP uploads. already features integration to my email account (google) and provides customizable templates, it seems crazy not to add this feature as the infrastructure is already there?

If any other Linnworks users would find this beneficial, please like this post. 

Hi Rik,

Whilst the Drop ship functionality still exists in Linnworks desktop this specific option has not been migrated to as more and more suppliers / fulfilment centres are using csv files via FTP / SFTP / HTTP to help them automate their business, the use of an email to attach the file that then then have to manually download and open does not fit in.

If your suppliers insist on using an email with an attachment then we would suggest looking into using a application that can build the data in the format you require and then email this to the supplier.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Sytems Ltd

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