Unable to access Linnworks

Hi there

I'm currently unable to launch Linnworks desktop, clicking the login button generates the following error popup:

"Unfortunately, you are unable to access Linnworks at this time. You can check system health on"

Has been like this since yesterday so was wondering if anyone else has or has had this issue. 

We can login to .net but as per a previous thread some months ago it does not sync our orders. 

Thanks in advance. 

Still can't access Linnworks. Am I to assume this is permanent for my account?

Hello Chris,

Are you trying to log into Linnworks with the email starting with sales@ or with the email starting with chris@? With a Community plan you can only have 1 user, so you can only log in with sales@.
Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Joonas Roosalu
Technical Support

Hi Joonas

Thanks for the reply. 

I've been logging in with the "Save Login" tickbox ticked and the chris@ username since setup but following your message I've tried the sales username and am now in after resetting the password. I'll remove the chris@ user from the "User List" as I note it is now highlighted in red. 

Not sure what changed but this is now sorted.

Thanks again for your help.

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